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At LogiHive, we understand that packaging is not just about protecting the product during shipping, but it also plays a crucial role in customer experience. Our value-added packaging services include customized packaging, gift wrapping, labeling, and bundling of products. We work with our clients to develop packaging solutions that not only protect the product but also enhance its presentation, making it more appealing to the customer.


Customized packaging allows our clients to differentiate their products from competitors, create brand recognition, and increase customer loyalty. Gift wrapping is another value-added packaging service that can improve the customer experience, especially during holidays or special occasions. Additionally, we offer labeling services that include barcoding, serialization, and country-of-origin labeling, which is essential for international shipments.

Bundling products is another value-added packaging service that we provide, which can reduce shipping costs and increase sales. By bundling products, we can optimize package size, reducing dimensional weight charges and shipping costs, while also providing the customer with a more convenient purchasing option. For example, bundling a shampoo and conditioner together can save on shipping costs, while also increasing sales and providing convenience for the customer.

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Our packaging service is designed to provide you with additional benefits, beyond just basic packaging functions. We work with you to create customized packaging, offer gift wrapping, labeling, and bundling options that can increase sales, brand recognition, and customer satisfaction.

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