Brexit has resulted in significant changes to selling products in Europe from the UK. Companies now have to navigate new regulations, tariffs, and customs processes that can make it difficult to sell in the European market. However, with the right strategy and partners, it is still possible to successfully sell in Europe post-Brexit.

One of the biggest challenges for companies post-Brexit is navigating the new customs processes when shipping goods from the UK to Europe. This is where working with a 3PL company can be beneficial. A 3PL company can help manage the customs clearance process and ensure that products are in compliance with the new regulations. Additionally, a 3PL company can help with distribution and warehousing, which is especially important for companies looking to sell their products in multiple European countries.

Another important factor to consider when selling in Europe post-Brexit is understanding the different regulations and requirements for each country. This includes VAT rules, labeling requirements, and product certifications. Working with a 3PL company that has experience with cross-border fulfillment can help companies navigate these complexities and ensure that their products meet all necessary regulations in each European country.

Finally, it is important to have a strong logistics and fulfillment strategy in place when selling in Europe post-Brexit. This includes having a reliable supply chain, efficient order processing, and fast delivery times. Working with a 3PL company that specializes in cross-border fulfillment can help ensure that products are delivered quickly and efficiently to customers throughout Europe.

LogiHive is a 3PL company that specializes in cross-border fulfillment and can help companies successfully sell in Europe post-Brexit. We have extensive experience managing the customs clearance process, navigating complex regulations, and providing efficient distribution and warehousing services throughout Europe. Our team is dedicated to providing fast and reliable logistics and fulfillment services to help our clients succeed in the European market.

With warehouses in the UK and in Europe we can handle your product right from your factory through to your end client.

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